Growing as Players ft. A2K from WeLikeDota
Fourth Spirit - A Dota 2 Podcast · 91 minutes ·

Growing as Players ft. A2K from WeLikeDota

On this week's Theorycraft Thursday (Monday) Proud and Ursi have Arian, A2K, from WeLikeDota on the show! Some topics include: Optimizing turbo dota, Learning new heroes, growing as players both mmr-wise and personal skill-cap wise, Arc Warden, Vengeful Spirit, learning new positions, burning through the compendium jungle challenges, ridiculous Medusa cheese comps, Snapple, and plenty more! For our match we ended up choosing 3 Pudge (A2K), 4 Lich (Ursi), and 1 Lycan (Proud) to play out of our palettes! You can find all the WeLikeDota podcasts on or wherever you get your podcasts normally!

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