Using Data to Close the Gap in School Board Policy Development

Using Data to Close the Gap in School Board Policy Development

Data-driven policy development will ensure that you make fiscally responsible decisions that benefit all students and work toward educational equity. 

The use of data and more importantly, disaggregated data is the most effective way to yield transformative change. 

Join us as we break it down into digestible pieces that will make understanding data understandable.

  • Together, with other School Board Leaders from across the nation, we explore how data informs best practices and policy development.
  • Learn about the wealth and opportunity gaps and how data discovery creates responsive policies.
  • Gain a new awareness of how to tackle systemic educational disparities.
  • Explore how to make effective data requests and what to do with the information, when you get it.
  • Learn about how data is your most effective strategy to combat constituent push-back to new policies and initiatives.

Benefits of Listening:

  • Become more aware of how you can leverage your role as a school board leader.
  • Answer the critical questions of how to apply data to policy development.
  • Build capacity to integrate data into your decision-making as a school board leader.
  • Explore how to create policies for transformative change.

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