What does a good dad look like?
3 Brothers No Sense · 65 minutes ·

What does a good dad look like?

McDonalds is for the kids. We had to talk about the mother that refused to let her baby daddy feed his son. Before we jump into that question though we have to scream congrats to Erica Barrett as she opens another restaurant. Razi is rediscovering Stranger Things and is tired of the gun violence. Ferg is excited for The Woman King with Viola Davis. We continue with Fred Maxie as we discuss who was right in the viral video that shows a father trying to bring food to his son as the mother refuses since he didn't bring food for all her kids. Buff wants to know would the likes of Rick James survive in todays #metoo environment. We round out our discussions with Ferg asking do expect large companies to make statements on hot bed topics like Roe v. Wade. Another fun episode with a hint of sense. Enjoy!

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