Did you know that nearly 45 MILLION Americans don't have a credit score, and most are immigrant families that struggle with lack of access to basic financial services because of this.

Meet Samir Goel, the son of two immigrant parents that grew up watching his parents struggle as they tried to get access to services most of us take for granted, like mortgages to buy a home, and financing for a car.

Samir took this early lesson, combined it with an absolutely relentless optimism and work ethic and built Esusu.  Esusu is a platform that lets landlords report tenants rental payment to credit agencies, helping those who need it most get access to one of the most important numbers in American life — a credit score.

In 2022 Esusu broke the Unicorn barrier with a Series B led by Softbank.

You can learn more about Esusu here, and follow Samir on Twitter.

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