Ep. 3 - Being Let Go | Drew English
Emotions At Work · 59 minutes ·

Ep. 3 - Being Let Go | Drew English

In this episode, Drew, Gareth, and I discuss what it's like to be let go. We get into what happened after Drew lost his job in his twenties, took time back at his parents' house to regroup, and how he coped with figuring out what came next. We explore the emotional toll of losing a job, what it looks like to identify and engage with a new career, and what happens in between while you wait for your next opportunity. Drew also offers us lots of insight into the expectations, held both by those close to him and himself, about how we navigate our career - and what it looks like to embrace humility, start over, and define a life path that feels aligned with your gifts and interests. 

Drew is the director of Lights and Years, a NY-based video production agency, and can be reached at [email protected].



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