Are you HARDCORE devout convert?  Are you a super-Jew? If so, then Jesus is your guy.  You killed Him, but you can and should KNOW FOR CERTAIN He is God.

How? Well, you are such good Old Testament scholars, that let's use that source.  And David is your hero? Well, he talks about Jesus too. Let me interpret correctly Ps 16 and Ps 110 for you.

 And what about the craziness of this loud, fire representing, wonders-of-God-proclaiming miracle you have seen in the Galilean visitors? Oh, the prophet Joel talked about that 800 years ago.

You killed Him 6 weeks ago but He came back for 40 days, left again, but now sends His SPIRIT.  What are you gonna do about it? You, of all people, CAN KNOW FOR CERTAIN.

Obviously, please come back tomorrow.  It is just starting to get good.  Meantime, like, share, post, reply, grieve, be struck, comment, subscribe.  Don't just sit there.  Start with 7 minutes of listening.  It is close to 8 minutes today, but worth it.

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