We should have an inclination to prayer. Everybody. The sick, the suffering, the cheerful, the leaders, the followers, the sinner, the prophet, those who are out of gas, and those who have some gas in the tank.

What struck me today was the sense of community that this prayer is born out of. There is a community that is engaging in the ONE ANOTHER's of scripture.  There are about 60 of them in the New Testament, but two are mentioned here. Both are high, high, high calls: to pray for one another and to confess our sins to one another. 

Here is the Lord's genius in helping the wanderer, the sick, the mature, the one bearing authority, the sufferer, the sinner, ie: everybody.  Put them in community to help one another.  This is where prayer makes the most sense.  I thank you for being in this little podcast community.  Please share to make it bigger and stronger.  subscribe bewithme.us

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