We look at a guy who doesn't believe today. Not just neutral unbelief. Active unbelief.  Jesus describes him as DISBELIEVING.

It is Thomas, who when we last heard from him was ready to go to Jerusalem and die for Jesus.  He went a long way south since then.

He gets a RESCUE mission from Jesus.  In the context of this epic moment of Jesus rising from the dead and giving the Holy Spirit to mankind, there is this one lost sheep that garners Jesus' attention.  Jesus goes and gets him in a very tender way.

When it is all over, Thomas makes the strongest statement possible as to the divinity of Jesus. He declares exactly what he believes.  He declares the identity of Jesus as God.  It could not be stronger.

Who of us doesn't have a Thomas-like person in our worlds.  Yes, Jesus can rescue the unbelieving.  Jesus can go and get the DISbelieving.  Would you please Lord!

Share this podcast with the believing, the curious, and the disbelieving.  

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