Seven of Wine - Episode 003: Fair Haven "Delete the Wife"
Seven of Wine · 49 minutes ·

Seven of Wine - Episode 003: Fair Haven "Delete the Wife"

In our Saint Patrick's Day special, Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang catch up with the crew of the U.S.S. Voyager on the holodeck, and witness Captain Kathryn Janeway experiencing the luck of the Irish. And by "luck of the Irish" we mean some hot Irish bartender's face on her face.

While discussing our fair captain's long-overdue holo-decking in the Season 6 episode "Fair Haven," Jac and Jen delve into the complexities of falling in love with artificial photon-based beings, and the ethics of modifying holograms to be suitable lovers. At least they attempt to, as the wine takes effect.

Eventually failing that, they just end up describing/hypothetically programming their perfect holograms. H.I.L.F.'s, you might call them.

So listen in and prepare to be sham-rocked.

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