Seven of Wine - Episode 006: Meld "Janky Hippie Shit”
Seven of Wine · 53 minutes ·

Seven of Wine - Episode 006: Meld "Janky Hippie Shit”

It's only logical that Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang would try to mind meld before reviewing the episode of Star Trek: Voyager where Tuvok uses his Vulcan mind magic on a murderous psychopath. Do they succeed? The wine certainly makes them think so.

It's Star Trek: Voyager meets "The X-Files" meets "Se7en" on this week's episode, where space DNA is used to solve space crimes, Janeway is Clarice Starling, and what's in the box is a really, really effed-up Betazoid.

But what's in the inbox? Hopefully an email from you: [email protected]

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