Seven Of Wine - Episode 010: The Chute “Orange is the New Trek”
Seven of Wine · 53 minutes ·

Seven Of Wine - Episode 010: The Chute “Orange is the New Trek”

B’elanna Torres can sit her Klingon ass down because this week, it’s all about Tom Paris and Harry Kim, and the Star Trek: Voyager episode that placed them in prison and launched their epic bromance: ‘The Chute.”

BROton torpedoes. Full spread. FIRE.

Jacqueline Lopez’s and Jennifer Zhang’s passion for the wine they’ve selected pales in comparison to the love Paris and Kim put on display as they protect each other against bloodthirsty inmates, cling to each other for dear life, and then talk about steak and the Delaney sisters, so you don’t think they're gay or anything.

Gaga ooh-la-la! Want your bad bro-mance… and your feedback! Hail us: [email protected]

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