Seven of Wine – Episode 023: Timeless “THEY'RE HAVING SEX!”
Seven of Wine · 59 minutes ·

Seven of Wine – Episode 023: Timeless “THEY'RE HAVING SEX!”

What happens when Harry Kim does all of the math? Hosts Jacqueline Lopez and Jennifer Zhang find out as they take a look at STAR TREK: VOYAGER's 100th episode, “Timeless”!
In this celebratory episode, Voyager's crew is looking to get home super fast with some brand new tech adapted from the Borg and not at all road tested. What could possibly go wrong?
We're talking slipstreams, mullets, and a TNG/VOY crossover that has Jac and Jen pouring some STAR TREK: PICARD wine. What does space cream have to do with any of it? Listen in and find out!

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