Episode 90 - The DayZ Podcast Xmas special!!
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Episode 90 - The DayZ Podcast Xmas special!!

Time stamps only for this one folks.

0:00:17 – Patreon & YouTube shoutouts
0:02:15 – The show starts with Ic3Blade, Thyer5. InclementDab & ScottyB
0:04:47 – Talking about the year that was and the year to come with ScottyB
0:05:39 – The Enfusion engine release trailer
0:14:45 – 2021 the true year of DayZ
0:21:42 – The content of the updates in 2021 (Toxic Zones)
0:23:39 – When can we expect the 2022 road map?
0:26:09 – How important console is to the DayZ community
0:30:00 – The amazing teaser lore trailers of 2021
0:43:05 – Scotty talks about being able to go to expo’s in 2022 and maybe a DayZ Convention
0:48:22 – More love to Livonia next year
0:50:10 – Modded maps released in 2021 and InclementDab talks about Namalsk development with Sumrak
1:01:54 – The FrankieonPC effect for DayZ in 2021
1:09:03 – Teaming up with Artesian Builds for a PC Giveaway for the 100 episode celebration Mar 13
1:15:12 – Scotty celebrates the entire DayZ community unsung heroes and showcases new merch on the Bohemia store
1:19:42 – Partnering with DokterStrangelove to sell DayZ themed shirts
1:22:58 – Ic3Blade & Thyer5 & Daemonforge and Dumpgrah mods to be released. Player Trader mod: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=sTBIRbrS9Yc
1:50:42 – Underground Bunker with Padlocks mod: https://youtu.be/YHTxu0TwcsU
2:04:35 – Discord roles for player gear spawns: https://youtu.be/iwBNBc2rthw
2:19:24 – Standalone cabins mod (Screenshots only at this stage)
2:35:10 – Ic3Blade discusses the Genesis discord for the server they are making with all these mods on it (Discord link: https://discord.gg/NNhR3SvWep)
2:42:14 – Ic3Blade updates us on his monetisation progress with Cannabis Plus chat with Soma
2:45:20 – A salute to Scalespeeder and DonSibley for their work for the console community
2:50:11 – New features coming to Cannabis Plus and the ban in Australia for DayZ
2:56:39 – Gravity Wolf (V++ servers) highlight for 2021: The change in players attitude to servers (more vanilla style servers)
3:06:29 – Baddiemode discusses her year from the podcast appearance to the bad ass ladies of DayZ
3:15:04 – Ic3Blade highlight of 2021
3:15:54 – Mods being taken from the workshop
3:23:10 – We discuss enfusion engine release again & the difficulty getting help started modding for DayZ
3:50:17 – The panel gets heartfelt discussing DayZ honouring players who passed away and how strong the relationships we forge through this game become & rebranding yourself
4:07:55 – Luke5G2 highlight of 2021 and the growth of DayZ across so any areas
4:10:54 – Shoutout to TheDudeThor
4:16:13 – Jacob Mango highlight of 2021 and we give away a lot more stuff
4:38:53 – ZombieLee highlight of 2021 and we give away a lot more stuff
4:53:56 – Mach’s DayZ themed key caps
4:56:46 – Windstride love session and someone wins the Windstride prize!!
5:08:10 – Boydy73’s complicated relationship with Ike_D
5:10:00 – We start to wind up the show

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