Movements in California, Episode 1 - Recalcitrant Pride

Movements in California, Episode 1 - Recalcitrant Pride

Welcome to Movements in California, a podcast series created by the California Center for Ethics and Policy--or “CCEP”--at Cal Poly Pomona. This podcast will explore how migration and mobility are embedded in many of our public discourses, practices, and politics.

In this episode of the series, CCEP student fellow Andrew Zableckis examines trans political refugees who, in response to hostile rhetoric and/or anti-trans legislation, flee their states for refuge in another, oftentimes California. Andrews talks with Faith Leader Thomas Diaz at All Saints Pasadena about the migration experiences of these trans individuals, and the far reaching impacts of hate speech, bathroom bans, and healthcare bans. They also discuss the role of pride in providing trans people and their allies a source of strength in the face of oppression.

We ask that if you like what you hear, if you care about these issues, please share our podcast with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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