Uncertain Forecast, Episode 2 - How the Unhoused Experience Climate Change

Uncertain Forecast, Episode 2 - How the Unhoused Experience Climate Change

Welcome to Uncertain Forecast, a podcast series created by the California Center for Ethics and Policy--or “CCEP”--at Cal Poly Pomona. The focus of our podcast is on climate justice, an issue that affects people worldwide, particularly where inequality is greatest, but which is often disguised or invisible.

In our second episode of the series, CPP philosophy student Emily Reyes looks specifically at the impact of climate change on houseless people in Pomona, the surrounding community outside of the Cal Poly Pomona campus. Emily interviews key organizers and stakeholders to highlight two key issues in Pomona: access to food and access to adequate shelter by those most in need – the houseless population. With an eye towards understanding the challenges houseless peoples in Pomona face, Emily interviews a wide range of people on the ground, experiencing these issues first-hand, as well as people working for organizations attempting to mitigate some of these challenges.

We ask that if you like what you hear, if you care about these issues, please share our podcast with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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