Uncertain Forecast, Episode 3 - Three Stories of Extreme Heat

Uncertain Forecast, Episode 3 - Three Stories of Extreme Heat

Welcome to Uncertain Forecast, a podcast series created by the California Center for Ethics and Policy--or “CCEP”--at Cal Poly Pomona. The focus of our podcast is on climate justice, an issue that affects people worldwide, particularly where inequality is greatest, but which is often disguised or invisible.

In this episode of the series, CPP political science student Melane Olmeda takes a close look at how the most invisible yet deadliest climate change-related issue, that of extreme heat, affects the lives of ordinary people. Melane is interested specifically on how extreme heat is affecting three different communities: a young representative for Latinx communities who is involved with a local activist group, a roof contractor who is part of a group installing solar on roofs in Southern California, and a resident of Pomona. Melane weaves in other seemingly tangential climate issues, such as wildfires, that greatly exacerbate extreme heat events, and asks of the people she interviews what impact such events have on their everyday lives and the lives of those around them – as well as what they are doing about it with the resources they have.

We ask that if you like what you hear, if you care about these issues, please share our podcast with your friends, family, and colleagues.

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