#12 - Aaron Got COVID ft. Trauma Trav
9-1-1 What's Your Emergency? · 60 minutes ·

#12 - Aaron Got COVID ft. Trauma Trav

We were gone for a bit cuz ya boi's lungs got caught lackin & James went to New York to get away from him. He's good now though! Aaron dials up Trauma Surgeon Dr. Travis to talk about a cool time a patient managed to bang A ROTATION of women in the ICU with a broken pelvis, another guy with holes where they shouldn't be, and what 5 different bodily fluids smell like when they're pouring out of someone. Plus, a really FUN Diseases You Don't Have involving a very specific guy's lower plumbing going Freaky Friday on itself,  tales from Aaron's fight with the virus, & a story about one of A-Dawg's childhood friends making his dick fart.

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