The vibe was going strong at Club Rol-Lexx, a Miami strip club, when two black men stepped out to go to their pickup in the club parking lot.

They were sitting in the two front seats when they were approached by a person that, in hindsight, was the biggest danger that the night could present.

This man was later diagnosed with a myriad of uncontrolled mental health diagnoses including impulse control disorder, antisocial personality disorder, unspecified schizophrenia spectrum and other psychotic disorders.

And he was carrying a gun.

But that wasn’t the most frightening thing about him.

No, the most frightening thing was that this man was actually given the power to carry that gun and was actually hired by the strip club to be there.

He was the armed guard on duty that night and he was significantly less mentally stable or capable than the two men he held at gun point.

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