Chasing the Fat Pockets
My Favorite Burger® · 38 minutes ·

Chasing the Fat Pockets

By this point, COVID-19 has as many names as Anna Nicole Smith had Howards. And like each new variant, Zack and Liz are back again, but just a little bit more mutated. We're cruising through topics today, including an eerie experience on the Panama Canal; a failed paparazzi attempt at a Hudson News; and people who get married, divorced, and remarried—to each other! If you weren't expecting Amy Schumer to come up today, you might think our plastic surgery discussion is just filler. But stick around for dads against ketchup, joie de vivre in the jury room, late late-night hosts, and historic Hollywood couples. One of this week's favorite burgers is a rap renaissance, and one is a three-letter documentary. Hope you're ready for the next episode.

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