Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Can’t See
My Favorite Burger® · 37 minutes ·

Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell, Can’t See

We’re back, and we’re covering it all—from J.K. Rowling to J.K. Simmons. And no, we are not jk. In all seriousness, tune in for our thoughts on camouflage, strange state monikers, Long Island’s North Fork, real North forks, the slowest disaster movies ever, and more. Today’s roster truly runs the gamut—from the Kardashians, LGBTQ rights, and a Stevie Nicks soundcheck, to the real reason why nobody came together to see They Came Together in theaters. This week’s burgers are both bangin’ birthday bashes. And not to split hairs, but we explore that fine, fine line between ASMR and competitive eating. 

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