AP 425: Tools to Beat the Comparison Monster
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AP 425: Tools to Beat the Comparison Monster

The Comparison Monster hijacks relationships, taints how we view our blessings, and prevents us from showing up for ourselves and others. If this is happening to you, you are not alone. I fall into the comparison trap often, and in this episode I'm illustrating an ongoing struggle with it that I'm facing.
I hope that you can visualize your own struggle right now and work through it alongside me in this episode. There are a few facts that we can't change about comparison, but there are shifts within ourselves that we can control. I have four tips, with accompanying simple phrases, that will serve any of us trying to defeat the comparison monster.
Lastly, you'll hear invaluable insight from other women in this community who answered my online call for advice. Don't let this seem overwhelming, it really starts small to overcome all the negativity that the comparison monster brings. You can start by tuning in to this episode, then simply identifying the times in your life where you feel comparison sneaking in, then tackle more from there.

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