Employed Money Makes Money with LaShawne Holland
7 Figure Sistah · 38 minutes ·

Employed Money Makes Money with LaShawne Holland

Did you know that people are completely scared in this economy? And this fear makes them hold back. But Dr. Avis’ guest in this episode says that this is the time where you could actually grow, expand and literally make millions. 

LaShawne Holland, aka The Queen of Green, joins Dr. Avis in this episode to share her insight about becoming financially savvy while having a 9 to 9 job, raising children with a growth mindset, diversifying income streams, and never stop learning in order to make your money work for you. Self-made multi-millionaire and author of the brilliant book Born To Multiply, LaShawne helps mission-driven, freedom-seeking people grow their wealth and change their financial DNA to live (and leave) their legacy.   

“Millionaires become millionaires because of how they spend their money, not by what they make.” – LaShawne Holland

In This Episode:

- Money is never lost - it just changes hands

- Environment matters in terms of becoming financially savvy

- Saving money is not the path for creating wealth

- The importance of diversifying income streams

- First best move to start making more money

Learn How to Craft Your Million Dollar Offer: 

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