Guilt Around Making a Lot of Money
7 Figure Sistah · 12 minutes ·

Guilt Around Making a Lot of Money

Do you find yourself feeling guilty about wanting to make millions? Have you fallen captive to the lie that money is the root of all evil? That is a lie, specifically meant to keep you satisfied with having less money. 

In today's episode, Dr. Avis talks about the negative connotation associated with people who make a lot of money, particularly within the Black Community. This episode addresses a reaction to her social media post that teased out why you need to make millions in today's society to live comfortably. Yet many people believe they deserve less money and can live decently with whatever little money they earn.

A study by Charles Schwab validates that people do need over a million dollars to have a comfortable life in major cities. So why would you feel guilty about making a lot of money? It's time to break free from the lies you've been told. You deserve to make millions. You deserve to be wealthy. 

“Wealth could solve a lot of problems in the Black Community or at least make existence a whole lot more pleasant for a whole lot of people.” – Dr. Avis

In This Episode

- The amount of money required to live comfortably based on where you live.

- The real reason there's very little wealth acquisition in the Black Community

- Is "the love of money'' the biggest problem within the Black Community, or is it the lack of money?

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