Sell That Book! with Jasmine Womack
7 Figure Sistah · 23 minutes ·

Sell That Book! with Jasmine Womack

Have you heard that writing a book is one of the best things you can do for your business or your brand? Books are powerful! But there’s a difference between writing a book and selling a book. Dr. Avis’ guest in this episode will share her journey and her recommendations for creating a best-selling book that will change your life while providing value for your audience. 

Jasmine Womack, aka the Six-Figure Storyteller®, joins Dr. Avis in this episode to talk about the credibility that emerges from publishing a book, the importance of not limiting businesses to the online sphere and the fact that black people should write books to express their truth. As a former middle school educator of 12 years, Jasmine leveraged her professional credentials, shared her story through multiple published books and built The EMPACT Group, LLC, a seven-figure coaching and consulting brand. 

“Think about your goals, your one to three-year goals, and make sure that everything that you are doing now is in alignment with that.” – Jasmine Womack

In This Episode:

- Every entrepreneur should write a book 

- Why you shouldn’t limit yourself to only making business online 

- Black folks should write books to share their truth   

- Jasmine’s journey from being a teacher to building a 7-figure business

- The most important thing you need to do to make your book a success 

Learn How to Craft Your Million Dollar Offer: 

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