She Closed $100K in 60 days and worked less! Here’s how… with Kenya Moses
7 Figure Sistah · 35 minutes ·

She Closed $100K in 60 days and worked less! Here’s how… with Kenya Moses

What if you could intentionally curate your life around what brings you joy, knowing that fortune lay in wait on the other side of your effort? Dr. Avis knows of someone doing just that – Kenya Moses – and together, they’re here to share with you their secrets to a full, balanced life.

Kenya Moses is a serial entrepreneur, singer, and dancer – as well as being a client of Dr. Avis – to name just a few of the hats she wears while still finding time for a body scrub and making $100K a month on her coaching business. Dr. Avis intuitively knows how to ask Kenya to share her secrets and then delicately articulates the nuggets of wisdom that this interview offers up.

This is Seven Figure Sistah empowered in all its glory – two self-made women laughing and joking and finding joy in their shared life experiences. It is truly such a pleasure to listen in and learn from such women of substance. We welcome you to join them.

“When you realize that failure is an illusion, the freedom that it gives you makes anything possible.” – Dr. Avis

“I can always look into myself and say, ‘Okay, is what I’m doing right now bringing me joy?’ And if it’s not, something needs to change.” – Kenya Moses

In This Episode:

- Kenya’s early career as an entrepreneur

- Your fortune is on the other side of joy – not the other way around

- When you are desperate to hold onto what you have, you don’t make any space for more

- Closing $100K in 30 days

- Shifting from 1-on-1 coaching to groups and creating more time for yourself

- Working smarter rather than just harder

- And other life lessons to help you earn while you learn

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