Texas Vacation Podcast

Texas Vacation Podcast

Austin Texas Vacation and Polocrosse


Hey, everybody, Ranae retired from her 9-5 job and now we have a little more freedom.  The first trip was planned some time ago to Austin, Texas.  We heard how Texas was a great place for bar-b-que.  We also heard Austin was known for live music.  We wanted to see for ourselves.

We learned the Lonestar Polocrosse Club was hosting a match in nearby Coupland, Texas about 40 minutes outside of Austin.  We have never seen a polocrosse match, but many of the participants use Australian Stock Horses and had met them at our Colorado Campdraft in 2013.  We got to see Kellee Campbell, Kiki Pantaze, and Paul Johnson for the first time in three years.  We also met some excellent players at the A level, Garret and Braxton Hamlin.  I took my recorder and got a few minutes of audio, but it was extremely windy.


Then the rest of the trip was mostly eating, sightseeing, and walking.  We found a little comedy improv club called The Hideout and say a show.  We had dinner at the Roaring Fork restaurant.  We looked for music at Threadgills.  Our tour of the LBJ museum was fascinating.  We put a couple of other presidential libraries on our to-do list.  In Austin, there are the bats at the Congress St. bridge.  That is an amazing site.  Seeing 750.000 bats fly out shortly after sunset from such a tiny area was amazing.

All-in-all it was a great kickoff to Ranae's retirement.  We'll have more horse stories in the coming weeks.  Stay tuned.

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Texas Vacation Podcast

Episode #95

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