Tom Moates Equestrian Journalist Author Horseman

Tom Moates Equestrian Journalist Author Horseman

Tom Moates Equestrian Journalist Author Horseman

Tom MoatesTom Moates is an equestrian journalist.  You may have read one of his articles in Eclectic Horseman, The AQHA Journal, Ranch & Reata, or Western Horseman magazine.  If you have, you may have noticed his special insight into the trials and tribulations of a beginning horseman.  It's because Tom Moates came late in life to horses.  His journey is very similar to mine.  Tom writes frankly about his challenges, wrecks, and the learning curve we all must endure if we choose to coexist with our equine partners.

Luckily for Tom Moates, he came across trainer Harry Whitney.  That name was unfamiliar to me, but then I'm new to the horse world too.  Tom credits Harry's teaching with really improving his horsemanship.  So much so, that Tom has written several books based on the notes and journals he kept while attending Harry's clinics.

Tom's 5-book series, Journey into Honest Horsemanship, includes his most popular title A Horse's Thoughts.  The series covers what Tom has learned over the years of working and writing about horses.

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