“Where’s the research to prove that diets don’t work?”


There’s a growing body of research to support the claim that diets cause more harm than good...including, but not limited to: weight gain and metabolic issues, food obsession, negative body image, depression and anxiety, and mood fluctuations and irritability. 

In this episode, we’re sharing about ONE of these studies: The Minnesota Starvation Experiment. This dates back to the 1940’s...back before diet culture was on the cover of every magazine, at our fingertips with technology, and on every other TV channel and radio station. 

If you’ve ever blamed yourself for having lack of discipline, willpower, and consistency when it comes to dieting, this episode is for you.


Free Guide - “Ditch the Diet: Your 1st Steps to Quitting the Dieting Loop and Eating Intuitively”

The F*ck It Diet book by Caroline Dooner

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