Ep 12: Wait, You're Doing What With Yoga?
ACTUALLY, YES! · 16 minutes ·

Ep 12: Wait, You're Doing What With Yoga?

Through my yoga teacher training I have learned SOOOOO much about myself and yoga altogether. Some of the things I felt like I should have known already, but never put two and two together. 
1. It is ok to use blocks and modified poses
2. Each person is unique in their physical make up which can alter their poses or prevent them from doing certain ones
3.  Having the mind state if i "stretch more" I'll be able to sink into "that pose" (false in some aspects) 
4. You should feel sweetness and some heat in poses not sharp stabbing pain 
5. Breathing with movement or during mediation helps you get in the NOW 
6.  A lot of inner self development occurs in yoga 
I hope to teach new insight in yoga that it is NOT " just poses" but so much more :)


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