Chris Johnsen Relational Investing Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs Podcast
Legacy Roadmap Podcast · 52 minutes ·

Chris Johnsen Relational Investing Add Value 2 Entrepreneurs Podcast

Chris Johnsen discusses the compound value of relationships and viewing relationships as an investment. Side hustles are good and most everyone should have one. The entrepreneurs break away from the employee paternal mindset and find freedom where they thought security was the priority. 

5:58 Challenge "time" networking- "JUST DID IT"

7 Relationships-networking investing

8 Choose something you enjoy- who is around?

11:40 Health, schedule it out!

13:40 Discipline

14:46 Side hustles are good

17:46 Wage laws "breaks" "overtime"

19 Employee mindset/ Paternal Mindset

25:33 Life design/ Why be passive?


32:30 Mentors/ intentional mentors/ developed friendships

40:40 Action is harder

43 What inspires- beauty of nature- by success- faith (they did it)

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