08. Transformation of Consciousness or Bust with David Rose
Fully Expressed with Christina Rowland · 81 minutes ·

08. Transformation of Consciousness or Bust with David Rose

Aya-what-now?! In this episode, Christina is joined by her ayahuasca soul brother, David Rose. After studying genetics, working in tech sales, and becoming a purveyor of cryptocurrency, David developed a love for all things higher-level consciousness, leading him down the path to exploring psychedelics. In July, he, like Christina, embarked on his first ayahuasca journey. After being assigned to experience their journeys laying next to each other, Christina and David developed a unique bond. Here, they share all about it, hoping to give you insight into this unique plant medicine as well as their incredible learnings about the consciousness in our universe.

To contact David, please reach out to Christina at www.christinarowlandconsulting.com/contact

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