Ep. 3 Uncovering Secret Symbols - featuring artist Kay Gasei
Girl & Gallery · 26 minutes ·

Ep. 3 Uncovering Secret Symbols - featuring artist Kay Gasei

Welcome to the Girl&Gallery Podcast! On todays episode we sat down with Kay Gasei in his East London art studio completely surrounded by his artwork and are hearing straight from the source - What does this all mean? Heavy with symbolism and resembling a cross between Francis Bacon and an ancient hieroglyphic, Kay sheds light on how his work resembles our world on earth with some semi-earthly icons. Listen to how each work ties into another as if he's created his own world through paint. 

Follow along to discover your next favourite artist!

Kay Gasei

Instagram - @KayGaseiArt

Watch this episode on YouTube here to see the paintings Kay is talking about!

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