EP08: Miscarriage and our bodies
Trying Again Podcast · 37 minutes ·

EP08: Miscarriage and our bodies

What happens to our bodies when we go through a miscarriage? I chat with Julia Bueno, psychotherapist and author of the book The Brink Of Being and Kate Marsh, Midwifery Manager at Tommy's.

What’s discussed:

  • When should I worry? (02:44)
  • How to cope with the changes? (04:18)
  • How can I get help if I am not sure what’s wrong? (07:03)
  • How do you support a family member or friend through miscarriage? (12:48)
  • How much blood is too much blood? (18:16)
  • What colour blood is a miscarriage? (19:58)
  • What happens to breast milk after miscarriage? (22:00)
  • How do you get your figure back to pre-pregnancy? (25:10)
  • When can you have sex after miscarriage? (27:42)
  • When would you know a miscarriage is complete? (31:24)

For some there may be triggers. There’s links to help available via www.tryingagainpodcast.com

Hosted, produced and edited by Rachael Smith.

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