Round Table with Braden Gall
and so we meet again · 38 minutes ·

Round Table with Braden Gall

Episode 3.06

"So, we're off and running here?"

The first of a few upcoming great conversations with people Anna refers to as "professional speakers" that had Anna and Layne both taking notes. 

Anna and Layne are joined by Braden Gall (Our Kids, Athlon Sports, SiriusXM, ESPN) to discuss Our Kids and a little college football along the way.  Our Kids is a center in Nashville, TN that provides counseling, support, response, and so much more to children dealing with sexual abuse.  We discuss some general facts and Braden debunks the myth of "stranger danger".  Plus- a little bit of back story on Braden and a bit of college football conversation to boot.  

You'll find all of the links and website Braden mentioned below- be sure to support Our Kids in their yearly mission -  Braden's specific link is also there you'd like to support through him directly (which we'd encourage you to do- we are!) Check the links below to learn more about how you can help in your community:

Connect with Braden on twitter: @bradengall

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