Psychic Addiction... When 1 Reading Isn't Enough
Begin Again with Cameron and Davindia · 56 minutes ·

Psychic Addiction... When 1 Reading Isn't Enough

It's MONDAY!! And time for another date with Cameron and Lucia!
So you can CALL IN and ask Cam any question you have burning on your heart... or brain.
We will also be talking about something that most Psychic's won't address... and that is "Psychic Addiction". What is it and why we do it and is it really helping anyone?
We'll be covering:
Psychic hopping… cross-referencing or neediness?
Obsess Much?? Is your situation THAT perplexing or are you just too afraid to make your move?
Giving Away Your Power or Getting encouragement by validating what you already know?
We are taking your calls and looking forward to another installment of Begin Again! Come join the fun... you know you want to!

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