Self Care - an Awkward Necessity
Begin Again with Cameron and Davindia · 55 minutes ·

Self Care - an Awkward Necessity

This is a shout out to all you care givers, nurtures and cheerleaders. Those of you who are the motivators and driving force behind every man, woman and child to help them succeed and move with passion an power in life... those of you who encourage others to strike forward with courage and self love... those of you who encourge others to love and nurture themselves through adversity. ------
It's an awkward uphill climb for many of us in service to support and nurture... but it's an absolute necessity for us to practice self care... even if it looks like an awkward, lip biting dance.
Join Cameron and Lucia while they laugh at themselves on their journey of awkward self care and encourage you to dance (out of sync) with them into your own self care!

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