To Make... Or Not To Make (Resolutions)...That is The Question!
There and Back Again · 11 minutes ·

To Make... Or Not To Make (Resolutions)...That is The Question!

What happens when you leave church on Sunday morning and you have to live the week ahead in the world around us? The good, the bad, the happy, the sad and everything in between. What does it mean to live as a christian in this fallen world?

Join Pastor Chris Hull and Patrick Sturdivant as they dive into the topics that are happening around us every day. They'll tackle pop culture and contemporary topics and have some fun times while they are at it.

It's a new year! Well a new Julian year anyway! Join Pastor Hull and Patrick as they discuss their resolutions for the new year, and what this practice means for us as Christians. Should we even set resolutions? What is the greatest resolution we could possibly have? Do we live ever day with a new resolution? Check it out on this episode of TBA!

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