It's a brand new day and we're here for a brand new episode!! Last week we talked all science-like and this week we are talking about maintaining the weight loss, because it is possible!! We discuss articles about educating oneself to make a journey specifically for you and getting away from fads and bad choices. We have victories and challenges, as well as challenges to victories with dire consequences...well not dire, but maybe embarrassing. We also have our first piece of positive and fun fan email, so take a listen to the show, because it's a fun one!!!

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References Articles:
Simple Strategies for Maintaining Weight Loss
How to Maintain Weight Loss: 12 Tips Backed by Science
I Lost 90 Pounds. Maintaining That Weight Loss Was Harder
8 Things You Need To Know About Your Metabolism If You Want To Lose Weight
How Many Calories Should You Eat to Lose Weight?

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