Ep 5 The Teacher Who Has Prepared Over 30 Years For Covid's Online Education
Your Life Against The Grain · 20 minutes ·

Ep 5 The Teacher Who Has Prepared Over 30 Years For Covid's Online Education

In this episode Dr. Pancer, Scott Crook and Abbie Hamilton discuss:
- How she had over 30 years to master online education and now teachers in 2020 have 2 weeks
- The superpower of being able to teach anyone anything
- The emotional and financial battles she had to face during her divorce

Key Takeaways:
- It is far more difficult to unlearn something than to learn something
- Identify your vision and hang out with people who embrace it
- Prioritize your well being and prioritize your time
- Cultivate a strong internal compass

About Dr. Pancer:
Dr. Pancer began her career teaching 8 years at a public elementary school. She left the classroom setting to help companies design education technology systems for K-12 grade students. After 20 years of working with the top educational companies serving as an executive, she founded Connections Academy, a public charter school in California that has now grown all over the country!  Dr. Pancer is also a full time faculty member at Alliant International University.

Famous Quote:
“You are your most important child to take care of.”
 -Rabbi Daniel Lapin

Connect with Dr. Pancer
Email: [email protected]
University Email: [email protected]

Connect with Scott Crook:
Email: [email protected]
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/scott.w.crook
Website: wealthjourney.net
Cell Number: 480-619-2559

Connect with Abbie Hamilton:
Email: [email protected]

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