Bobbe Greenberg; Ironman World Champion
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Bobbe Greenberg; Ironman World Champion

I recently asked Bobbe how she felt about not being able to compete in 2020, and if she plans to compete in 2021. She responded:

“Throughout 2019, I was asked if I’m going to “defend my title.” Then came the pandemic, which meant all of the races were canceled. But as it turns out, I hold my “title” for an extra year, save a ton of money in race fees and travel, and most importantly, as the “winner” I‘m automatically guaranteed my spot for the race in 2021. This is especially important to me this year because I turn 75 and only two women have ever completed the IM World Championship in the 75-79 age group. Regardless of the outcome, I’m super excited to race, and hope that it happens!”

I’m so honored to have Bobbe as my very first guest on I Am This Age! I’m inspired by her every time we speak, and I wish her the best of luck in her next race, hopefully in October of 2021.

Click on the links to find out even more about Bobbe, see pictures of her competeing and celebrating on our instagram page, and to see her in articles and on lists like “The Top 50 Fittest Over 50”. 

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Video: The Today Show

Video: The World Championship Finish Line (at approximately 1:45)

Triathlete Magazine

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