Neelam Patel; Artist and Published Poet
I Am This Age · 52 minutes ·

Neelam Patel; Artist and Published Poet

Neelam Patel is on the show today! She’s a former and longtime tech executive who left the industry in her late 40’s and became a published author/poet and public speaker. Her specialty is embracing the “messiness of the middle”, which we, of course, talk a lot about. If you’re ready to embrace the danger of vulnerability, befriend your rage, and follow your curiosity, this episode is for you! The name of her book is “Burning it Down: Dancing in the Rubble” and it’s emotional and touching and as I read it, I felt SEEN. You’ll also hear me recite one of her poems in my stuffy, snotty voice as I begin to recover from Covid. Enjoy!

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