#32 Unicorn Queen 👑 Bekah
How to Have Threesomes · 75 minutes ·

#32 Unicorn Queen 👑 Bekah

What Bekah liked about her first threesome and why she chose to have sex with more than 30 couples.
Boundaries, a threesome when one girl is on her period, having a conversation with a couple before a threesome, whats their experience level, what would the ideal couple look like to Bekah? Confidence, connection, being together long term, not going to get jealous. Bekah gives more attention to the girl.
Should the boyfriend be more possessive over his girlfriend?
Bekah’s worst / most embarrassing moment in a threesome.
Bekah gives advice on how a man should handle himself if he gets nervous during a threesome and his dick won’t get hard.
Advice: don't be an asshole if your lucky enough to be having a threesome.
If your first threesome doesn’t go according to plan, don’t fret, be kind and nice and it may not be your last one.
Is it better for the guy or the girl to make the first move and initiate?
If the girls initiate is it better for the girlfriend or the unicorn to make the first move?
Being a unicorn is a good way to test the waters for a future relationship to see if you could handle being open.
Bekah talks about her dream relationship (it involves swapping.)
Bekah doesn’t get jealous because no other girl can be her. She is unique and confident in the things that make her, her.
Condoms how to switch.
Bekah prefers the man cum with the girlfriend rather than the unicorn.
Bekah prefers to go home rather than stay the night.
Bekah has never fallen in love with a couple she says that by staying emotionally unattached she is able to make it a cleaner break. Are Canadian girls better at threesomes.
Fuck buddies and routers.
New relationship energy how to keep it in your relationship.
Never negotiate naked.
Ever couple should have code words

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