This week, Laurie and Annie dive deep into the role forgiveness plays, relating to addiction and the road to recovery.  This episode explores frequent forgiveness for a loved one who is acting out in the disease, as well as personal examples of forgiving others who made it worse along the way. Annie and Laurie end the episode with a discussion of the reasons they needed to forgive themselves. Coming Up for Air brings together two inspiring moms, for thoughtful discussion of topics pertaining to addiction in the family. Both Annie Highwater and Laurie MacDougall have adult sons in recovery from opiate addiction. They also consider themselves to be in recovery, and have made self-care a central goal of their lives. Both use the CRAFT approach for addiction in the family. Allies in Recovery has made these podcasts available to the public in the hopes that you will relate to the experiences described by Laurie and Annie, that you will learn from them and be reminded that you are not alone. is the online home for families dealing with a loved one's addiction. We teach the CRAFT method of intervention, based on communication techniques, self-awareness and bridge-building with your addicted loved one.

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