Interview With Engineer, TV Host, & Actor Tamara Robertson
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Interview With Engineer, TV Host, & Actor Tamara Robertson

As a child, Tamara Robertson spent a large amount of time with her father watching Star Trek and tinkering in the garage – rebuilding engines, up – keeping the family cars, and building / renovating homes. She learned her love of machinery, as well as all things technical, from her time working with her dad.

With a sharp mind for detail and efficiency, Tamara was able to quickly excel in her career as a licensed Chemical & Biomolecular Engineer which afforded her the ability to truly see the world and gain experience in global tech transfers, process & facilities design, pandemic vaccine manufacturing, patented additive technology development, and product design for some of the top Fortune 500 companies. Tamara has found that she loves to utilize the design and beauty of the world around her to help create designs and tell stories.
Tamara resides in Los Angeles, CA where she continues to work as a Science Host, Engineering Consultant, SAG-AFTRA Actor and Wardrobe Designer. In her downtime she volunteers as a board member for a number of STEM organizations across the US, utilizes Superhero Science to get kids excited about careers in STEM and lends her Science and Maker skills to a number of non-profit organizations. She also enjoys scuba diving, hiking, rock climbing, practicing photography and spending time with her Shop Dog Dexter.

For more information about Tamara and her incredible work visit her website at

To check out her podcast Tinkering Belles:

To check out her new show Maker Science on Midnight Science Club:

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