Meredith Stoddard the River Maiden Desideratum Episode17
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Meredith Stoddard the River Maiden Desideratum Episode17

Our featured story is from author Meredith Stoddard who writes folklore inspired fiction. You will hear the beginning of her Book One, The River Maiden, in her Once and Future Series. There are five books in this contemporary fantasy series - so far. Meredith says she has more story to tell. 'These characters have mountains to climb, caves to feel their way through and emotional swamps to navigate.' Listen for how Meredith's characters are changed by betrayal and kindness. Hear what informs the choices they make and the way they see the world. There's an echo of this character development in Meredith's personal stories about her grandmother, Joyce. The lessons in life that Joyce gives Meredith draw from her nearly 104 years of experience. Meredith is the grateful granddaughter of a storyteller and a memory keeper. Read more of the Once and Future series as well as her short story bonus material on her website. . And, here is a link to the author she mentions in the podcast - who she recommends to everyone - Steven Pressfield, The featured picture for this episode is Joyce at 100. You can it on the Desideratum Podcast website and Desideratum Podcast Facebook page. , Thanks for listening.

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