Episode 23: Voice Memos
Nowhere, On Air · 30 minutes ·

Episode 23: Voice Memos

Attention, all residents. Do not turn off your radios. Await further instruction. Ignore any ongoing interference...

Sound effects this episode thanks to FreeSound.org contributors: d3x5n1p3r, revolt 2563, groovyrandomness, kMoon, flashdeejay, JennaW_ksc, johnsonbrandediting, radiojaja, TheLastDay_Sound, and DRFX. 

Nowhere, On Air
is created, voiced and produced by Jess Syratt. Cover art by Moon Hermit Crab on Instagram.

Have a small town story to tell you think our listeners might enjoy (that by no means has to be true)? Want to be one of our callers, or "sponsors"? Have questions about any of that, or anything, or just want to say hi?

We'd love to hear from you! Email us at [email protected]. Or, find us on twitter, @NowhereOnAir

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