We welcome writer Jay Kalagayan back to the show this week to first talk about comic strips in our Retro Roundtable! We look at comic strips like Garfield, Bloom County, Sherman’s Lagoon, and more. We also drop some facts about comic strips you may not have known!
Then we turn our attention to jay to talk about his comic, The Intrusion. Writer Jay B. Kalagayan and artist Clint Basinger, has created The Intrusion stories in comic strip form, as a homage to the daily and Sunday cartoon strips from their youth. The Intrusion is the first look at the eponymous group of mutated, mischievous cockroaches living in the sewers. Intrusion brood mates Paton and Horace search for meaning along with “exquis” graffiti spots and forgotten jelly donuts. Be sure to check it out, and pick up your copy at the Cincinnati Comic Expo on Sept. 27th!
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