Canned Air #473 A Movie Making Nerd with James Rolfe (Cinemassacre, The Angry Video Game Nerd)
Canned Air: A Tribute to Pop Culture · 61 minutes ·

Canned Air #473 A Movie Making Nerd with James Rolfe (Cinemassacre, The Angry Video Game Nerd)

James Rolfe (Cinemassacre, The Angry Video Game Nerd) returns this week to first help us remember some of the best autobiographical movies in our Retro Roundtable! We look at films like The Founder, The Disaster Artist, Man On The Moon, and more. Let us know your favorites on Facebook!
Then we turn our attention to James to talk about his new autobiography, A Movie Making Nerd. A Movie Making Nerd is a personal account of his origins, starting with an early love of making home movies before the rise of the internet and digital video. Rolfe candidly details moments of triumph and failure in both life and filmmaking—from his time in special education school and struggles during adolescence and college, to personal relationships, finding employment, and raising children. Every recollection in A Movie Making Nerd, whether happy, funny, or painful, shows how one might turn a childhood hobby into a life-long calling. Get your copy at!
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