A Little Wiser: Can we talk honestly about postpartum health?
All The Wiser · 31 minutes ·

A Little Wiser: Can we talk honestly about postpartum health?

During the first episode of 2023, Kimi is joined by Tara Daigle, All The Wiser Associate Producer. As they discuss last week's episode on postpartum mental health, Kimi talks about her own experience with intrusive thoughts and the shame spiral that follows. Kimi and Tara were reminded of the importance of finding your people when going through hard times (postpartum health or anything else). Tara bravely shares that it was the trust and friendship of other women that gave her the courage and support to once leave an abusive relationship.

Their call to action for all listeners is to find people to walk with you through hard times. Community, friendship, and connection are powerful healers.

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