Kimi and Christy discuss the idea that maybe, just maybe, these mini-episodes should simply be a podcast club. Why? Every time they listen to an episode separately and then talk about it, they have the best conversations. They get to see the story and wisdom from a whole new perspective. And it gets better. More meaningful. More learning. 

Today, they try on the “podcast club” idea and talk about Jason Schechterle and their shared favorite moment of the interview. Jason described how some people look at his burn scars with pity and sorrow. The truth is that Jason is thriving and living a full life filled with love, purpose, and joy. People can't see it, so they make up a sad story. Perhaps to feel better in their suffering. Both Kimi and Christy agree that Jason is their hero when it comes to gratitude and that making assumptions about people's lives is never a good idea.

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